Rolnik is a family business that produces vegetable and fruit preserves and ready meals. In 2021, the brand celebrated its 30th anniversary. During this period, the company’s marketing was mainly based on building distribution, but such an excellent occasion encouraged the management board to broaden promotional activities.

Scope of work: Brand development

Agency’s task:

Preparing a campaign for the company’s 30th anniversary. It was actually the first media campaign to build a brand, so we were looking for an idea more capacious than the 30th anniversary itself.

What we did:

  • We created the big idea of SŁOICYZM – a communication platform for 2021-2022.
  • We designed and implemented an extensive landing page for the campaign.
  • We developed the foundations of the philosophy of “Słoicyzm” (“Jaricism”) and published a relevant article in nonsensopedia.
  • We took care of the SOCIAL MEDIA of the brand, running profiles on Instagram and Facebook.
  • We conducted a digital campaign.


The digital campaign based on media promoting the 30th anniversary of “Słoicyzm” achieved a click- through rate of 0.67% (the average is about 0.25-0.30%), the competition posts gathered about 800 comments, and the landing page was visited by almost 35,000 users of which as much as 12 percent visited it again. The assumed goals of the campaign were achieved in over 100 percent.


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