Services and tools

01. Services and competences



  • Brand portfolio
  • Brand width and depth
  • Brand communication
  • Branding awareness research


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Employer branding


  • Naming
  • Visual identification
  • Packaging
  • Web designing


  • Communication strategy
  • Communication platform
  • Campaigns
  • Social media
  • Brand Administration (subscription)


Brand portfolio

Benefits: You will optimise the number of owned brands and, consequently, your marketing expenses. This will make your brands more profitable and stronger.

We analyse all the brands within the organisation, measuring their relative positions and value. This service allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses of brand portfolio, align strategy with the market, and realise the potential of those brands that are undervalued or misused.

Brand width and depth

Benefits: You will organise your brands and ensure they have a clear structure and scope. It will make your marketing department’s job easier, especially when launching new products, and it will give your customers a better understanding of your brands.

We examine the brand’s span, both in terms of product diversity and market penetration. Width refers to the number of product categories that the brand covers, while depth refers to the scope within that category. This analysis helps to understand how effectively the brand is being developed or diversified.

Brand communication

Benefits: You will get an independent opinion on the activities carried out so far. You will be given clear guidance on the direction of change. As a result, your communication efforts will contribute to improving your brand’s image and increasing its measurable value.

We assess how the brand communicates with its target audience. This process involves reviewing tone, style, means of communication, as well as consistency and message. As a result, we are able to identify areas for improvement and recommend changes that will integrate the brand’s communication with its strategy and ultimate goals.

Branding awareness research,

Benefits: You will check at which stage of development your brand is. You will find out how customers perceive it. Instead of intuitive actions, you will be able to act in a planned manner, based on hard data. You will learn the true insights and needs of your customers and tailor your offer and brand communication to them.

Brand awareness research is a service that analyses the degree of brand recognition among consumers and potential customers. Using various research methods, such as surveys, interviews or focus groups, we determine how much of the target group is able to recognise the brand, remember its logo, slogan, products or services offered. A brand awareness research allows for the evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, as well as the identification of areas where brand building and recognition activities can be improved.


Brand strategy

Benefits: you will build the foundations of your marketing actions for the next few years. Every money spent will be an investment in a clearly defined goal, which is to build a strong and distinctive brand. You will gain a genuine competitive advantage and make your business resilient to the economic turmoil that usually best verifies the strength of brands.

An absolute cornerstone of marketing activities. We create the concept of a unique and coherent brand, setting the direction and means of its communication. We define the archetype, mission, vision, values, positioning, brand world and much more to consistently build the brand over at least several years. We give you the tool to turn your marketing spend into a well-planned and relatively low-risk investment.

Brand architecture

Benefits: we will organise your brands into a clear and effective structure. As a result, every brand dependent on your corporate brand will be created according to the established model, fulfilling your business goals. You will gain full control over the brands you introduce and the existing ones.

This term refers to the organisation and prioritisation of brands within a single company. This enables a clear understanding and definition of the relationships between the different brands, resulting in better exploitation of their potential and efficiency in the market. This is particularly important when an organisation manages multiple brands.

Employer branding

Benefits: Communication aimed at new or potential employees will be consistent with the brand strategy. You will create an attractive workplace with a distinctive, unique character. You will attract people who best fit the needs of your brand and organisation.

In this case, the focus is on shaping and promoting the company’s image as an attractive employer. The goal is to build a good corporate reputation that attracts and retains the best talent in the market. Our role within employer branding primarily involves establishing organisational culture and aligning HR activities with the overall branding processes implemented within the company.



Benefits: You will receive a name proposal that aligns with the company’s strategy and is secure in terms of formal and marketing aspects. You will build your brand on a secure foundation. You will avoid legal conflicts and PR crises in the future.

Contrary to appearances, the complex process of creating a brand or product name. The name should correspond to the brand strategy and, above all, not contradict it. On the other hand, an important aspect is considering patentability, domain registration possibilities, as well as meanings in other languages relevant to its scope of influence. Creating a name is one of the more complex creative processes.

Visual identity

Benefit: You will receive a VIS (visual identification system), a manual that defines how to implement the logo and other brand-identifying elements (e.g. colour, design) on basic communication materials. The VIS determines, for example, the layout of letterheads, business cards, the design of company cars or the navigation within the company. This will ensure that your brand’s visual communication is consistent in every sphere of your business.

Creating graphic elements that represent the brand, such as logos, typography, colour scheme or shapes. Each element contributes to the brand image in the eyes of the public. A properly designed visual identity is crucial for brand consistency across various media and platforms.


Benefits: Your products will better communicate the brand and highlight the content essential for the brand strategy and sales targets.

Very often a fundamental element of the brand’s communication with the customer. Well-designed packaging highlights the values and features of a product, often influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. Packaging design involves developing creative and functional solutions that align with the brand’s strategy.

Website design

Benefits: Your website will be the best source of information not only about your offer but also about your brand. It will become a tool to build its capital.

The process of creating online pages tailored to the needs of the brand and its audience. As a branding agency, our emphasis is not only on aesthetics and functionality but also on effective communication of the brand strategy. We realise that it is the website that most fully communicates what we want to say about our brand.


Communication strategy

Benefits: you will receive a communication strategy based on your brand strategy. You will reach your target group, isolated and defined specifically for your brand. Your actions will be precise and target a specific, promising group of potential customers.

Once a brand book or brand strategy has been created, it is essential to develop ways of communicating it. We describe target groups, tailor messages to each of them, and determine touchpoints. We are preparing the ground for future advertising campaigns. In a nutshell, we describe how to communicate the created brand.

Communication platform

Benefits: you will receive a comprehensive concept of actions on several communication levels. Thanks to this, you will achieve a synergy effect and increase the chance of reaching a significant part of your target group.

By communication platform, we mean the general concept that can be developed across various channels used in the advertising campaign. This is typically a very catchy idea, not only allowing for the creation of good advertising but also setting directions for PR activities, CSR actions, social media strategies, loyalty programs, and other activities that build a complete brand world.


Benefits: the advertising campaign for your product or services will not only be creative but also prepared in accordance with the branding strategy. In this way, you will meet both your short-term goals and add another brick to your brand image.

We prepare the creation and strategy for specific advertising campaigns that, in addition to their immediate goals, also fulfill the brand’s strategy. We prepare key visuals, adapt them to the various communication channels, develop a media plan together with our partners and monitor the course and effectiveness of actions.

Social media

Benefits: Your social media activity will be based on a well-thought-out strategy that fully achieves the brand’s objectives. You will take your mind off having to come up with topics for posts, graphics, etc. You will build a community around your brand.

A brand absent from social media is practically non-existent. Today, it is the main tool for creating a community around a brand, through which we can engage a target group and invite them into a dialogue. We develop the social media strategy and run our clients’ channels, ensuring consistency with the brand image and values.

Brand administration (subscription)

Benefits: you will finally find time to deal with strategic issues instead of focusing on day-to-day marketing activities. By entrusting comprehensive service to our agency, you gain a partner who is perfectly oriented in the specifics of your company and your brand. You will avoid the need for continuous briefing of subcontractors for each subsequent project.

A service involving continuous brand management on a subscription basis. At that point, we become its guardians and consciously shape its development. It can cover any range of activities related to Brand Development processes. In particular, this includes handling social media, the website, ongoing graphic and copywriting work and brand strategy consultancy.

02. Tools


  • Deep briefing
  • Market & brand analyze
  • Branding education

You find our agency, send us a brief and what’s next? We propose workshops – in our opinion, the most effective method of working with the client. We use it primarily for debriefing, i.e. a meeting after sending a brief. With the help of several workshop techniques (being modified depending on the scope of work), we deepen our knowledge about your industry and market, indicate phenomena that you may not have paid attention to so far (we have the advantage of looking from the outside!), and we also explain the basic concepts related to branding. The latter is particularly important because we define precisely the meanings of the terms that we will use in the next stages of cooperation. In the branding industry the terminology is unfortunately not codified and words are often interpreted very differently.

Maieutical Labs

  • Finding brand essence through a discussion with the client
  • Visual research — a joint search based on images

A special form of workshops based on the … Socratic method. It may sound scary to people unfamiliar with philosophy, but its assumptions are very simple. Well, Socrates believed that many people carry knowledge in themselves, but are not aware of it. The role of the philosopher is to induce it, he becomes a kind of midwife, and knowledge – a child. Our experience very clearly convinces us that NOBODY knows more about a brand than its owner, even if he or she does not know how to build this brand and what it really is. During MAIEUTICAL LABS, we bring this knowledge to the world – thanks to this, we create brands in line with the company’s spirit and the beliefs of decision-makers. Thanks to this, the brand is consistent at every level, starting from the level of management and organisation of the company.

Name Radiograph

  • Screening the name from patent and domain perspective
  • Checking meanings in other languages
  • Checking cultural context

Contrary to appearances, creating names is a very difficult project. A sizable book can be written about creating a good name and what it really is. Therefore, at BRAND SO ON agency, we approach this task very methodically, to base the discussion on the name on the substantive foundations. We use the NAME RADIOGRAPH tool that allows us to objectively evaluate the proposed name, facilitate our recommendation and, above all, protect our client against legal problems (we pre-screen the name in international databases of registered trademarks) or even of cultural and linguistic nature related to the proposed name. Why is it important? For example, the neutral Polish word “molo” (English “pier”), an otherwise pretty and simple word, is also … a vulgar word in Finnish. This fact can also be used – if we released sailor caps with the inscription MOLO, they would certainly appear on most social networks in Finland 🙂

UX Pack

  • Package legibility test based on user experience

We have been designing packaging for years. Our experience and participation in numerous focus group interviews allowed us to create a tool for planning the layout of the content on the packaging. What information are customers looking for the most? Where do they expect to find it? What size should the barcode be? What associations do the individual colours in the category evoke in them? UX PACK allows us to deal with these and many other doubts.

Competition Maping

  • Creating competitive environment maps

A very useful tool for brand positioning. We analyse the messages of the competition and create maps based on various criteria. On this basis, we select places that we could take with our brand. It is surprising that such complicated activities can be described so briefly!


  • Analysis of examples from the polish and global market

We analyse very broadly the competitive environment and cases from industries with a similar specificity, although completely unrelated to our market segment. We do this not only to get inspired, but also to avoid random similarities. We work a lot on examples – our research specialists deal with searching them.


Working on a brand is a never-ending process. We will eagerly contribute to building your brand.

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