If you think a brand matters, or you want to make yours matter, we definitely should work on it together.

We are a branding agency based in Krakow, if “based in Krakow” means anything in the era of remote work and remote cooperation. We deal with branding, i.e. creating brand strategies and implementing them in every area of brand impact. From visual identification, through advertising campaigns to employer branding or CSR activities. We believe that branding is a marketing management philosophy – we are looking for partners who think alike. For whom the brand matters because it is the brand that sells products or services. We have been on the market for 12 years. We have implemented complex branding projects for both industrial companies and FMCG. Regardless of the industry you represent, we can organize your brand and effectively communicate it in modern and traditional communication channels.


Piotr Mazurkiewicz


Each of us creates a brand – ourselves.
Through a series of activities such as clothing, hairstyle, the way we express ourselves, or what we do, we make others see us as who we want to be. Sportsman, traveller, a man of the world etc.
We have an idea for ourselves that we consistently implement.
Products/services also need an idea = brand strategy. Then they become desirable, remembered brands.
This is what we do in our team. We build a brand strategy and implement it consistently.
I am a sportsman. I focus on team play and long-term partnerships.
I always strive for a win- win model.
I am looking forward to meeting you.

Ścibor Szpak


I remember my first ad and my first advertising slogan: Time flies and Mastercook runs. I was lucky that as a fresh graduate of Polish studies I got into an agency that really cared about the brand and understood its essence. I tried to include this essence in my first television work, although at that time I did not yet distinguish the essence from the claim. Since then, I sincerely believe in a good brief and consistency as the basis for working on the brand. As my greatest achievement I still consider…Wrocław dwarfs. It was the agency I managed that created the idea of placing these lovable figures in Wrocław, and I personally chose places for the first several dozen of them. This is how we created the brand of Wrocław, which is still doing very well. I am still waiting for similar challenges.


Regardless of whether their strength is image, word or strategic thinking. We need brand connoisseurs, collectors of interesting market examples, creators of brand strategies in every dimension of the word.

If you:

  • understand that a brand is not a logo,
  • can stick to the adopted assumptions, treating a certain framework as an inspiration and not a limitation,
  • have several years of experience working in an advertising, PR or event agency,
  • like to work on ideas and think in a visionary manner,
  • understand that your artistic skills or extraordinary mind are ultimately aimed at selling and winning customers.

Send your CV, portfolio or just write to us 🙂

A person understanding how important a brand is for a company. One that treats it as an object of investment, and advertising as a way of investing in the brand, while achieving business goals.

If you:

  • manage the company’s marketing and see the need to organize the brands,
  • believe that your brands are ill-suited to your product or service offering,
  • don’t know what to do with your brand next and how to develop it,
  • want to know the opinion of an independent expert about your brand,
  • are starting a large project in the company, such as a website or advertising campaign, and you want to do it properly, maximizing the effects of your work.

Write to us or send a brief – we will be a strong point on your career path!


Working on a brand is a never-ending process. We will eagerly contribute to building your brand.

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