Take a full breath of nature


We have been working with Verbena, a brand known for its excellent herbal sweets, for several years now. Each year, we run at least two promotional campaigns for its products, but the campaign launched this autumn has been certainly one of the most interesting to date.

Scope of work: Brand Development


Our key task has been to introduce a new flavour: Eucalyptus Extra Strong, which is a great alternative to the popular breath fresheners when you have a runny nose. What gives the Verbena sweets a competitive edge is their herbal composition, with natural eucalyptus oils.

Scope of services

  • We have designed a landing page, with a mechanism to promote an effective breathing technique.
  • We have implemented an electronic media campaign.
  • Together with our partner, the 1000i agency, we have created an animated film for the campaign, broadcast on YouTube and TVN Reach.
  • We have developed rich-media forms for the purposes of the mobile campaign.


  • We have achieved all the goals set for the campaign
  • The contact frequency was 6 for more than 1,200,000 users.
  • The TVN Reach package achieved a high VCR of 83.17%
  • The rich-media creations had an above-average CTR of 1.71%


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