Speedapp offers services to its clients consisting in building a team of programmers for a specific project and managing the people who create it. It therefore combines in a unique way HR competences and IT knowledge, actually constituting a bridge between the idea for an application or IT system and its implementation.

Zakres prac: Brand Building, Brand Development

Agency’s tasks:

This was undoubtedly one of the projects we like the most. Our task was to create a speedapp brand, or rather to organise this brand, which has been operating on the market for many years. From our point of view, it is encouraging that the organisation understands the need to create or organise a brand separately from thinking about the logo. This is exactly what happened here: we created the foundations for branding, or rather, we conducted rebranding without changing the logo itself at all. It’s really possible!

Scope of service:

  • branding workshops,
  • brand strategy,
  • claim,
  • assistance in implementing the strategy in the company,
  • website.


With such projects, it is difficult to assess the effects just a few weeks or even months after completion. From our perspective, however, the surprising effect of this work was the widespread acceptance of the strategy and the joy of implementing it. This was probably due to the maieutic method: we did not impose solutions, but rather tried to extract what was important from many hours of conversations and joint market analyses.


Working on a brand is a never-ending process. We will eagerly contribute to building your brand.

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