OAK Property

OAK PROPERTY is the manager of nine CONDO hotels, i.e. hotels where the owners of individual apartments are independent owners. We have had the pleasure to cooperate with the company on three investments and we are full of hope for the next joint projects.

Scope of service: Brand Creation, Brand Development.

Agency’s task

In each case, we dealt with the creation of the logo with the logo book as well as the creation and implementation of the website. We reminisce about the first project with particular fondness –Lido Hotel in Jurata. It is a famous pre-war hotel that used to attract the elite of the interwar period.

What we did:

  • We designed the LIDO logo.
  • We designed the Vista Mikołajki logo.
  • We designed and implemented websites for these investments.
  • We developed texts for websites.


We gave each investment a very strong character of the place brand. Each of them is a different world, a different promise and probably a different target customer. In the case of LIDO, we managed to recreate the charm of the interwar period design while adding to it a contemporary character of a modern hotel.


Working on a brand is a never-ending process. We will eagerly contribute to building your brand.

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