The TCO company was preparing to launch a new air freshener ICON, which differed from the devices available on the market with completely new and even revolutionary technical solutions in this category. The device is based on a patent belonging to TCO, and its difference is due to the fact that it not only filters the air (this is exactly what purifiers on the market do), but completely annihilates the gases and microorganisms contained in it.

Scope of work: Brand Building, Brand Creation, Brand Development

Agency’s task:

Our task was to create a brand strategy, visual identification and materials promoting the new device. As a result, we have created a new category of products, based on the “brand relevance” method postulated by David Aaker.

Scope of service

  • We created the Icon brand strategy and the brand book.
  • As part of this strategy, we created a new category of “air healers” products as an alternative to the popular “air cleaner” devices.
  • We designed the Icon logo.
  • We created the product packaging.
  • We prepared a website (design and implementation).
  • We developed promotional materials for the product (print).
ornament img ornament img
air healer 1
air healer 2
air healer 3
air healer 4


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