Eurostyl is one of the largest developers in Tricity, currently part of Dom Development. So far we have had the pleasure of working on two of the company’s investments, of which it was particularly interesting to create a brand of a place for a housing estate erected right next to the centre of Gdańsk.

Scope of service: Brand Building, Brand Creation, Brand Development.

Agency’s task

We took part in a competition to create a brand strategy and communication strategy for an estate located in a very picturesque area, bordering the very centre of the city. The challenge we had to face was to come up with the storytelling framework for a place that was virtually deprived of its natural, urban history.

What we did:

  • We invented the core of the brand’s storytelling.
  • We developed a big idea of communication.
  • We designed the logo and visual identification system.
  • We prepared KV and masters of the press and outdoor campaign.
  • We designed an unusual catalogue of investments – the main medium of our storytelling.
  • We created TV advertising scenarios.


We have developed a very coherent and interesting story about a place that is just becoming part of the city’s history. An extensive place brand concept.


Working on a brand is a never-ending process. We will eagerly contribute to building your brand.

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