Buczek is one of the largest bakery chains in Krakow and in the vicinity of the city. Decades of activity and continuous development meant that the original vision of the brand did not fully correspond to the current needs of one of the leaders of the Krakow market. The need for rebranding became clear to the management and owners of this family-run bakery.

Scope of work: Brand Audit, Brand Building, Brand Creation, Brand Development.

Agency’s task

Our task was to conduct an audit, diagnose the weak points of the brand and propose a new, consistent strategy for the coming years. A secondary task, but also an important one, was to create a brand of ice cream sold in bakeries and independent outlets.

What we did

  • We audited the Buczek brand.
  • We proposed a new strategy, strongly aimed at promoting the family, artisan traditions of the company.
  • We made a logo lifting, avoiding sudden changes to the image.
  • We developed a new communication style and visual identification system.
  • We created a strategy and operated the company’s social media.


According to our instructions, the rebranding of the Buczek brand has been implemented in the entire chain of stores, which today have acquired their unique and distinctive character. Characteristic dark chocolate signs with a minimalist design and a proud inscription “Baker – Confectioner”, which replaced the former “Bakery and Confectionery”, appearing in an increasing number are for us the best showpiece of a well-done branding work.


Working on a brand is a never-ending process. We will eagerly contribute to building your brand.

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