The Amargo company was on the threshold of a transformation from a distributor of plastic plates and components into a company producing tanks for chemicals and backup water. It was very successful in both business areas, but the tanks were to become the company’s core business.

Scope of work: Brand Development, Brand Audit, Brand Building, Brand Creation

Agency’s task

Initially, we were asked to create a website corresponding to the new company profile. As a branding agency, we indicated the need for a deep rebranding of Amargo and only after carrying out this process, the creation of appropriate communication materials.

What we did

  • We conducted a brand audit.
  • We developed the Amargo brand strategy.
  • We modified the brand architecture.
  • We created the claim Tank Think Tank.
  • We created a new visual identification system.

    We prepared a new website.


The management of Amargo has fully and consistently adopted the new brand philosophy, and Tank Think Tank has replaced the concept of “company employees”. From now on, everyone is part of the Tank Think Tank, and the new graphic identification of the company covers more and more areas of its activity, indicating a really great understanding and commitment on the part of the management board.


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